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Daisy “Better”

Daisy BetterDaisy “Better”

Dirty, pretty, honest pop music at its best” With these words, an emerging new star is born in Sweden. She’sDaisy and is ready to conquer the music industry. She began her musical career years ago when she took the first flight out to NYC and went around knocking on doors among the biggest record companies around Manhattan. This was October 2008 and she scooped a record deal with one of America’s top dance labels, Robbins Entertainment.

After releasing her debut single inside 2009 entitled “Everytime“, co-written by herself plus yielded by Mikael Albertsson. It’s been a lengthy time plus small was acknowledged regarding her musical profession. After breaking her record deal she has been inside many studios about Sweden, composing plus recording. However there was 1 manufacturer plus studio she grew many connected to. Together with Daniele Musto from BaseCamp studios she began creating a sound which felt honest plus true, so that they began functioning on information which realized her vision of what she wants to do.

As a initial outcome comes the very anticipated new plus return single “Better“. The song is greater, much better than its predecessor, greater yielded plus greater inside each aspect. Her brand-new sound is a delightful blend of pop plus R&B. Subtle however very efficient. The single was introduced on digital stores on December 28 through Spinnup Records. Sweden is constantly a standard guarantee!

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