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Excellent Debut: Allie X – Catch (single premiere)

Excellent Debut: Allie X – Catch (single premiere)

If you Love Chvrches, you are gonna Love Allie X new single “Catch”!

Here’s just what we understand about Allie X . She’s from Toronto however usually spends major time in L .A . She has got a number of awesome GIFs of herself on Tumblr . Oh , and also she has only just dropped the best track of the year up till now . Her debut single , “Catch ,” is every thing that’s great regarding under-the-radar pop music right this moment : spotless hooks , perfect synth work , vocal all-aroundness , daring atmospherics along with a pumping , bursting heart .

The lyrics as well as chorus are just so confident for a debut it’s uncanny , and also Allie X’s tone of voice possesses a pleasurable lilt to it that brings to mind CHVRCHES‘ Lauren Mayberry . As soon as she sings “Just wait until I catch my breath” at the chorus , every thing coalesces into a soft wall of sound , which is exceptional .

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