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Jarell Perry – Whiskey a Go Go

Jarell Perry – Whiskey a Go Go

Have a Whiskey a Go Go! Great SlowStart by up and coming hot new artist Jarell Perry! Gotta love this SlowStart, enjoy!

The Good news is that Whisky a Go Go by Jarell Perry is a free download!

Jarell Perry is an LA-based singer and songwriter whose most recent credits include Fat Joe’s comeback single featuring Chris Brown, “Another Round.” After growing a strong worldwide fanbase from YouTube and his alma mater UCLA, Jarell went on to meet and work with artists and producers like Usher, Childish Gambino, and Rusko. Now Jarell Perry is in the studio continuing to write for major label projects and finish Jarell Perry second solo release, Simple Things, which he describes as “a mix of alternative R&B” that aims to surprise and uplift.

“What sets Jarell apart from other artists is the fact that his palette of music literally reaches across aisles of genres. At the start of a signature Jarell song, it’ll have the trappings of a traditional R&B single, close your eyes and you’ll soon wake up in the middle of a UK grimy dub-step bridge. With that being said, the music and sound doesn’t feel forced or contrived, it just feels natural. “