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Whinnie Williams – You Don’t Love Me

Whinnie Williams – You Don’t Love Me

What a nice cute little song! Whinnie Williams takes us into summer with the breezy You Don’t Love Me!

Watch the video for You Don’t Love Me by Whinnie Williams. A girl obsessed with Paris, poodles, candy floss, lift music and 90s hip hop and what do you get ? ….. A short film about a little poodle called Brian and his crush on French film star ‘Fifi Amour” and song about, quite simply, Girls being Girls.

Each of our favourite English indie pop princess/fashionista Wednesday Girl has reinvented herself in a very creative new way. We’d like to educate you on Whinnie Williams. The same talent but re-imagined in a very more fun and slightly additional pop version.

Whinnie Williams new video features a couple of parallel stories of puppy enjoy one literal and one not really. Something about this video that you just can’t help but love it’s possible its the adorable pooches or possibly its the mystery of following one girls jelly shoes across town. Whatever it is, this new project is probably off on the right foot or so.

Whinnie Williams voice is like a chunk heaven for the ears plus the music works perfect in every single way. Have a listen/watch beneath! Prepare to become Whinnie Williams newest fan!!